Saturday, March 27, 2010

Will the Domino Tiles Fall and If So When?

On March 27, 2010, I asked Jun Okumura what solution he would prefer on the issue of relocating Marine Corps Air Station Futenma. While claiming to lack the necessary expertise to comment on the issue, he went on to say that the helicopters at Futenma are not a significant risk to the people living near the base, that the Marines stationed at the base are happy to be there, that those Marines don’t commit many crimes, and that the cheapest option is to just leave everything as it is. In short, he would vote for the status quo.

This is, I believe, the option that the Japanese government really wants. I have a feeling my government “got” me to ask Mr. Okumura his personal opinion in an attempt to ascertain Japan’s true intentions on this issue. Of course, their true intentions differ widely from their stated intentions, which were to relocate the base outside of Okinawa. However, while wanting to keep things the way they are, the Japanese government also wants the people of Okinawa to believe that they actually want to move the base off the island. Basically, they are being hypocritical.

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