Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The DPJ so far

On March 17, the European Chamber of Commerce interviewed Jun Okumura about his blog. This is another article that I think has been altered since its original publication. In the original article, I believe the interviewer, Julian Ryall, referred to Mr. Okumura as an “influential blogger.” In the current version, he refers to him as a “prolific blogger”. Nevertheless, in the current version, he still refers to Mr. Okumura as a prominent blogger, though the word “prominent” does not mean exactly the same thing as “influential.” Apparently, Europe wants to downplay the importance of what happened on his blog.

During the interview, Mr. Okumura said that, “Blogs are not taken nearly as seriously in Japan as they are in the English-speaking world.”

This is an interesting comment. It implies that he believes America and Britain did take the content of his blog seriously. Remember, his blog is in English, not Japanese. He also may be hinting that Japan does not like the so called “New Diplomacy.”

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