Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Campbell February 2 Meeting with Yabunaka

On February 2, 2010, Mitoji Yabunaka, the Japanese Vice Foreign Minister, met with Kurt Campbell. During the meeting, Yabunaka said America and Japan should use their alliance to “shape China’s choices” and encourage the country to behave responsibly. For his part, Campbell demanded that Japan avoid any “Asia for the Asians” formulations when pursuing any potential regional architecture for East Asia.

My government “tells” me that I may have been a part of this effort to “shape China’s choices.” Apparently, China does not want the world to know the truth about how Japan has helped the country modernize. Around this time, thanks to my government, I was discovering a lot of things about how Japan has aided the modernization process in China. Were I able to get this information to the public, China might become very angry. So far, I have been unable to reach a wide audience and my government has made it hard for me to write certain articles at certain times. For example, I did have a hard time finishing the article I wanted to write on the dollar – yuan exchange rate. In fact, I still haven’t finished writing that article. Perhaps my government is using me to threaten to tell the world the truth about how Japan has helped China in an effort to get China to bend to their will.

I don’t think this strategy worked how America thought it would. I’m not sure if this strategy worked as Japan wanted it to. It may have. Perhaps Japan wanted to tell me the truth so I could tell the world the truth regardless of what China did. Perhaps Japan only used this idea of “shaping China’s choices” as an excuse for trying to get a Japanese-American, me, to tell the world the truth. Perhaps they wanted to see if my government would try to prevent me from telling the world the truth (it has) and then use that information to extort America.

As for Campbell’s dislike of the “Asia for the Asians” idea, this is further proof that America wants to keep Japan, China, and Korea at each other’s throats.

This will not stand.

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