Friday, February 26, 2010

U.K. Delays $11.4 Billion Hitachi Express-Train Order

Bloomberg News reported that Britain would delay its 7.5 billion pound contract with Hitachi. According to Bloomberg News, the British government had decided to review the contract to ensure that Britain would receive sufficient value for the money.

In reality, Britain almost certainly delayed the contract because of Japan’s conduct in the New Diplomacy. The last thing that Britain wanted was for the truth to come out. That’s why the DPJ’s investigation into the secret agreements enraged the British government to such an amazing extent. And so Britain decided to do something to retaliate. And so they threatened to revoke the rail contract from Hitachi.

Boo hoo. Sniffle. Sniffle.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sarkozy Says France Made 'Serious Errors' in Rwanda

On February 25, Nicolas Sarkozy and Paul Kagame held a joint news conference in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. Sarkozy basically said that France was responsible for the genocide that killed nearly a million Rwandans during the 90s. He said that France had made “serious errors of appreciation” that had “dramatic consequences.” On the other hand, he refused to offer a formal apology by saying that he was “not going to get into a contest over vocabulary.”

For his part, President Kagame seemed willing to turn the page.

“France and Rwanda have had a difficult past, but we are here for a new partnership and relationship,” Kagame said. “This visit by the French president has a strong meaning.”

Monday, February 8, 2010

U.S. releases new photos that show the collapse of the World Trade Center

On February 8, the U.S. government released several new photos showing the collapse of the World Trade Center. The pictures show one of the towers disintegrating.

Apparently, the release of the photos surprised the New York Times.

“It is surprising to see these photographs now in part because we should have seen them sooner,” said the Times.

This observation, of course, leads one to speculate why the government chose this moment to release the photos. As always, the government does these things to scare other governments into submission. Once again, our government threatened to reveal the truth about how the world really works.

The photos provided the Truthers with new evidence to support their claim that our government used explosives to bring down the buildings – the photo above shows one of the towers completely disintegrating, perhaps due to explosives.

After the government released these photos, Russia Today interviewed one of the Truthers to explain why the photos support his theory of what happened on September 11.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Is Robert Gates Really Fighting For?

“I am very much an American exceptionalist,” said Robert Gates, in an article published by Time Magazine on February 3, 2010.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Campbell February 2 Meeting with Yabunaka

On February 2, 2010, Mitoji Yabunaka, the Japanese Vice Foreign Minister, met with Kurt Campbell. During the meeting, Yabunaka said America and Japan should use their alliance to “shape China’s choices” and encourage the country to behave responsibly. For his part, Campbell demanded that Japan avoid any “Asia for the Asians” formulations when pursuing any potential regional architecture for East Asia.

My government “tells” me that I may have been a part of this effort to “shape China’s choices.” Apparently, China does not want the world to know the truth about how Japan has helped the country modernize. Around this time, thanks to my government, I was discovering a lot of things about how Japan has aided the modernization process in China. Were I able to get this information to the public, China might become very angry. So far, I have been unable to reach a wide audience and my government has made it hard for me to write certain articles at certain times. For example, I did have a hard time finishing the article I wanted to write on the dollar – yuan exchange rate. In fact, I still haven’t finished writing that article. Perhaps my government is using me to threaten to tell the world the truth about how Japan has helped China in an effort to get China to bend to their will.

I don’t think this strategy worked how America thought it would. I’m not sure if this strategy worked as Japan wanted it to. It may have. Perhaps Japan wanted to tell me the truth so I could tell the world the truth regardless of what China did. Perhaps Japan only used this idea of “shaping China’s choices” as an excuse for trying to get a Japanese-American, me, to tell the world the truth. Perhaps they wanted to see if my government would try to prevent me from telling the world the truth (it has) and then use that information to extort America.

As for Campbell’s dislike of the “Asia for the Asians” idea, this is further proof that America wants to keep Japan, China, and Korea at each other’s throats.

This will not stand.