Friday, November 27, 2009

Umemoto on Secret Agreement Investigation

On November 27, 2009, James P. Zumwalt met with the Director General of the North American Affairs Bureau, Kazuyoshi Umemoto. Zumwalt told Umemoto that America needed to maintain ambiguity as to whether or not U.S. vessels held nuclear weapons on board. Zumwalt also expressed concern over what direction the investigation could take and emphasized that the discussion could have ramifications for U.S. strategy worldwide, and would particularly affect several nearby countries, including Korea. Umemoto agreed that this issue could present problems and said the issue may be harder to handle than Futenma. Umemoto said the DPJ did not understand the implications of investigating the secret agreements. He believed the investigation would clearly have foreign policy ramifications.

The diplomatic cable does not explain the possible ramifications of the investigation, which are profound. If after the investigation, the Japanese public decided to refuse to allow American vessels to hold nuclear weapons while stationed in Japan that could potentially embolden North Korea into doing something crazy (North Korea has been monitoring U.S. military capabilities in the region since the 60s and has been doing crazy things since…well, since it was split from South Korea).

Those are the obvious implications of changing the status of American nuclear weapons capability in the Pacific, but in fact, the implications of the investigation could be much, much bigger than that. If the investigation led to the truth behind the relationship between Korea, China, Japan, and America that would fundamentally alter the way the world looked at those four countries and would fundamentally reshape their relationships between each other. That is why this investigation was so worrisome to America.

If you want to know the truth, read this article.

The public has not learned the truth because of the investigation, but the investigation did allow me to learn the truth. Now, because of the investigation, I am trying to tell the world the truth, and my government is trying to stop me.

We will see who wins.

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