Friday, November 13, 2009

The Pacific President

While in Tokyo, Obama gave a speech in which he proclaimed himself to be the first “Pacific President.” In his speech, he took a hard line against North Korea. He demanded that the country fulfill its international obligations, or else watch as its security becomes compromised. He demanded that North Korea provide a full accounting of what happened to the Japanese abductees. Otherwise, the country would never be able to normalize its relations with other countries.

Presumably, Obama said these words to appease Japan. But it didn’t work. Future historians may look back at his speech and believe that what unfolded subsequently did so according to his plan. That would be a mistake. Obama had no idea at the start of his administration how much he would empower East Asia.

At one point, on his blog, Jun Okumura wrote that Japan wanted Obama to appoint all those ex-Clinton administration people to his administration.1 Japan knew those people, knew how they would react, knew they had not a shred of decency or integrity, and knew that could be used against them.

Japan convinced Obama to proclaim himself the first “Pacific President” and then gave him a series of choices. At each juncture, Obama would choose to do the wrong thing. In the end, contrary to his intentions, Obama would empower East Asia beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. He would convince the leaders in East Asia that the West would stop at nothing to prevent them from forming an East Asia Community. And in doing so, he would reaffirm their belief that they must form an East Asia Community and that America cannot be trusted to do the right thing. He would, with the help of Europe, destroy the Middle East. And in doing so he would prove, once again, that the West will stop at nothing to kill Muslims and destroy their countries.

Over the coming months, someone would “tell” me all sorts of secrets. I would publish those secrets on the Internet. Japan convinced my government to tell me those things, ostensibly, because they wanted to pressure China. But in reality, they wanted me to tell the world the truth and they wanted to see how the Obama administration would react.

America had a choice. America could do the right thing and allow me to tell the truth. Or, America could torture me. But Japan would only allow that if prominent Americans would publicly support the idea that the truth should be suppressed. This policy would become known as the feeding frenzy. You can guess what option America chose. Every single U.S. journalist, historian, and government official would at every point argue against telling the truth. Had they not done that, Japan would have itself simply told the world the truth. And that was something that our media, government, and universities wanted to prevent at all cost.

Obama would stop at almost nothing to shut me up. At one point, Europe decided to start killing people in an effort to get me to shut up. Whenever I said something they didn’t like, they killed people. In a phony attempt to prevent people from dying, my government tortured me, erased my memory, and made it so that I could hardly read. They justified their behavior by saying that they wanted to save lives. After that didn’t work, my government tried to humiliate me, hoping that would convince me to keep my mouth shut.

When other foreign governments learned of my existence, my government gave them the option of trying to torture me into submission too. You can guess how this turned out.

To hide the truth, Obama would have to enlist the help of the U.S. Internet companies, including Google, Twitter, Disqus, and Digg. They would become complicit in Obama’s illegal actions and in doing so, they would discredit themselves too. They would cooperate with the government in altering, deleting, and hiding the information that I wanted to expose.

Obama would discredit the politicians in Japan who liked America and hoped to work closely with us. They would get nothing.

He would discredit his own system of government. He would show that the officials selected by the people are not qualified to hold their positions. He would show that those officials merely allow the powerful to use them as canon fodder. Our system of government allows the West to engage in inconceivably outrageous behavior because the powerful are not held accountable for their decisions.

He would prove that there is no connection between human rights and the American system of government. He would prove that America is run by a greedy cabal of people who only care about maintaining their power, image, and wealth. He would prove that America has no right to lead the world.

1 I can’t find this comment on his blog anymore. I think this is another thing that has been deleted from the Internet.

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