Saturday, October 31, 2009

Understanding the Global System

Stanley Hoffman, a citizen of France and a Harvard professor of International Relations, gave a lecture called “Understanding the Global System” on October 31, 2009. During the lecture, Hoffman expressed his dismay over the current state of world affairs.

“I think in the future if the world continues to behave the way it has been behaving I might abandon the field to the younger generation with the hope that they handle the world better than so many of my former colleagues have ended up trying to solve the world’s problems and have sometimes made an incredible hash of it,” said Hoffman. “You see what I mean.”

Unfortunately, it appears that Hoffman did not abandon the field. Instead, he and his colleagues went on to make a super-duper, unimaginable, epic, all time biggest-ever FUBAR hash.


By the way, it seems to me that France keeps sending us their intellectuals, we keep listening to them, and as a result, everything becomes a disaster. Why do we keep doing this?

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