Monday, August 31, 2009

Pivotal moment in Japan's history

On the day after the election, the Australian published an article on the DPJ victory written by its Foreign editor, Greg Sheridan.

“Yukio Hatoyama’s victory is a pivotal point in modern Japanese history,” said Sheridan. “And when Japan pivots, the consequences for Australia are enormous.”

“It could be as big and bold and thunderingly significant as the last two great Japanese pivots - the Meiji Restoration in the late 1800s and the post-war economic revival,” said Sheridan. “Both of those pivots had colossal consequences for Australia.”

Sheridan noted that the Meiji Restoration modernized Japan. Eventually, Australia and Japan would have to fight against each other in World War II. And after the war, the economic growth that Japan enjoyed, “more than any other external factor, powered Australian economic growth.”

“We have our war legends because of the Japanese, and we also have our contemporary prosperous Australian society because of the Japanese,” noted Sheridan.

I disagree with Sheridan – I think the consequences of this election are bigger than the consequences of those previous two pivots.

History end here.

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