Sunday, August 30, 2009

Japan's Moment of Choice

After the DPJ election victory, Sheila Smith wrote a blog post about what that would mean.

She hoped that the DPJ would work with the Obama administration on improving energy efficiency in America, as Japan had a technological advantage in that area. On the other hand, it appeared that Smith was very fearful of what the DPJ might do.

She said the DPJ would “test the patience of those outside Japan.”

“Japan’s laborious process of political transformation seems out of sync with the increasingly harsh pacing of events,” said Smith.

Smith predicted that the DPJ administration would “find itself severely tested by events abroad.”


Look who’s talking.

Smith noted that the DPJ wanted to place greater emphasis on its relations with its neighbors, “but the real change suggested by DPJ leaders is in addressing more squarely the legacies of Japan’s WWII history.”

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