Sunday, August 23, 2009

Aso advises poor young people not to marry

On August 23, a student told Taro Aso that he believed Japan suffered from a low birthrate because young people in Japan don’t have enough money to get married. In response, Taro Aso agreed that young, poor people should not marry because such people cannot be seen as worthy of the respect of a spouse. This comment didn’t go down well with the public and it helped insure the eventual defeat of the LDP during the upcoming election.

On his blog, Mr. Okumura wrote a post about Aso’s latest gaffe. In the comments section I wrote…
I love Aso. I’m really going to be sad when he gets the boot.
In retrospect, I wonder if my government “made” me write that comment because they did not want to see the DPJ take over.

In response to my comment, Mr. Okumura replied…
There is something memorable about Aso’s gaffes. Some of them are actually jokes taken out of context (not that public figures shouldn’t be careful, as even the extremely self-aware Obama has had to learn). But others are otherworldly.
I remember that after I read that response, I had intended on writing another comment, but I never got around to it. Had I made the time to write another comment, it would probably have looked something like…
Uh…aren’t the “otherworldly” comments and the jokes one and the same thing?
The day after Aso made the comment, his Chief Cabinet Secretary, Takeo Kawamura, defended his boss.

“The expression was direct, but I think it was a reflection of his feelings that measures must be taken to tackle young people’s job problems,” said Kawamura.

Of course, the thing that might turn things around would be the end of the Aso administration and the beginning of an administration that would reduce the inequity in Japanese society, an administration that would have a governing philosophy more similar to the one the DPJ had…

Ooh, that sneaky, treacherous Aso. He really takes the cake.

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