Friday, July 31, 2009

Whatever you do don't kidnap me!!!

Take a moment and try to imagine where you would go and what you would do if you wanted to have some fun. I know what you’re thinking. You want to go hiking near the border between Iraq and Iran, right? No? I’m shocked. Okay, I’m not shocked. For an American to go hiking near the border of one country who we are at war with and another country who refers to us as the Great Satan, why, that would be absurd, right? Well…

Today, Iran arrested three Americans – Sarah Shourd, Shane Bauer, and Joshua Fattal. Guess what they were doing. They were hiking near the border between Iran and Iraq. They said they were doing that for fun. But then they got arrested. By Iran. That can’t be fun. Who would have thought that Iran would have arrested three Americans? They only call us the Great Satan. That doesn’t mean they don’t like us, does it?

I bet there is one question going through your mind at this moment. What in the hell were those three morons thinking? I was thinking the same thing, for a while. But then my government “told” me that they sent those three idiots to Iran so Iran could detain them for a few years. That way, we would have an excuse for not imposing more sanctions on Iran. While Iran held these three Americans, our government could say to other governments, “We can’t do anything against Iran because they’ll kill our citizens who we sent to Iran to get captured…wait, did I just say that out loud?”


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