Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Move to San Moritz

While living at Wellington Meadows, I often heard what sounded like footsteps above me. The thing is, I was living on the second floor of a two story apartment. I asked the apartment management to come to my apartment and investigate. And they did. Maintenance brought a ladder and together we went up into the attic to see what was going on. We did not actually step into the attic, as doing so could damage the fire sprinkler system. On the floor of the attic were water lines that fed the sprinkler system. But you can’t see them because they are covered with fiberglass insulation. Were one to walk on the floor of the attic, they could easily step on those sprinkler lines and damage them. To avoid that danger, we merely went to the top of the ladder, one at a time, and used a flashlight to peer into the attic.

Maintenance pointed out that there was a wall between the attic areas of my apartment and my neighbor’s. Therefore, no one could access my attic unless they gained access through my apartment. My apartment had two walls which separated the attic for my apartment from the attic for two other apartments. One of the walls was completely solid. The other wall had a large hole in it, but that hole was covered with plywood. Later on, I would use my own ladder to peer into the attic to verify that the plywood did in fact cover the entire hole. I found that, in fact, the plywood did not completely cover the hole and that there was an open space large enough for a person to move through.

I also noticed that there were two water stains on the ceiling of my apartment – one in my closet and one in my living room. I assume these stains occurred because someone had been walking in my attic and had damaged the sprinkler lines.

For some reason, I did not go back to the apartment management with this new information. I cannot remember why I did not do that. Perhaps my government “convinced” me not to.

I once saw a person at Wellington Meadows who I also saw at the Budget Suites while I was living there. That person looked like he might be related my former boss at Lode Data, a person who I helped get fired. This led me to believe that my former boss had some sort of vendetta against me and was really the one who was tracking me.

My hallucinations became noticeably worse at Wellington Meadows. At night, I would often wake up and see kanji characters “written” on the walls of my apartment (I was reading a book on kanji at the time). After a few seconds and some blinking of the eyes, the kanji characters would disappear.

During my stay at Wellington Meadows, I was still working for Lode Data, but the number of hours I worked for the company had continually declined. I had been spending much of my time doing other things. By the summer of 2009, it had become obvious that I would soon have to leave Lode Data. To save money, I decided to move to a cheaper apartment and so on July 29, I moved from Wellington Meadows to San Moritz.

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