Monday, June 1, 2009

James Steinberg meets with Taro Aso

James Steinberg met with Taro Aso on June 1, 2009. During the meeting, Steinberg declared that America had reached an “inflection point” in its relationship with North Korea. America would adopt a new strategy to deal with the country.

Apparently, this strategy involved putting pressure on China. America would tell China that unless North Korea changed its behavior, America, Japan, and South Korea would enhance their security in a way that would affect China’s security. We decided to pressure China because, in our view, the only reason why the North Korean government could remain in power was because of the support it had been receiving from China. If we could get China to put a little bit of pressure on North Korea, that could conceivably make North Korea change its behavior. The goal of our new policy was to convince North Korea to get rid of its nuclear weapons.

“The U.S. may need to develop an imaginative formula to accomplish this task in an irreversible way,” according to a summary of the meeting.

For his part, Aso agreed that China had the most important role in influencing North Korea and he said that America and Japan should strengthen their bilateral alliance, as China would object to that.

I have a feeling this “imaginative formula” consisted of having me publish information on the Internet that the Chinese government wanted to remain hidden. In the not-too-distant future, I would publish information related to the contributions made by Japan to the development of the Chinese economy. I would also publish information related to why the Chinese Communist Party came to power – because the West wanted to split Japan and China. It turns out that the Chinese government doesn’t want anyone to know about this information, and so revealing this information might be a way of putting pressure on the Chinese government.

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