Tuesday, April 7, 2009

LDP exec criticizes Rice, ex-top U.S. nuke negotiator

On April 7, Hiroyuki Hosoda, the secretary general of the LDP, criticized Christopher Hill and Condoleezza Rice for the way they handled North Korea.

“They were weak-kneed,” said Hosoda. “Their ways (of dealing with the issue) were wrong.”

In an apparent bid to pressure America to take another tact on North Korea, one LDP official said, “We should deal with this issue with a recognition that Japan needs to possess nuclear (weapon).”

Hmmm…if Japan obtained nukes then Japan would no longer need the services of the U.S. military. After all, why would Japan need the protection of the U.S. military if she had nukes? Why would Japan need America at all? Facing such a dire situation, America had noooo choice but to revamp its North Korea policy in a way that Japan would find pleasing.

Ooh, those sneaky, treacherous guys. They really take the cake.

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