Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Koizumi's influence wanes, LDP faces negative legacy

On March 4, the Japanese Lower House passed Aso’s stimulus bill. Aside from Koizumi, only one other LDP lawmaker boycotted the vote. According to Kyodo News, the fact that Koizumi could only convince one other LDP lawmaker to stand by him showed that “his political clout no longer seems to be what it once was.”

In fact, it appears that his recent actions were yet another example of Koizumi Theater. It appears that Japan wanted to send America a message that Koizumi, the apparently pro-American Japanese prime minister, no longer had any support from within his party. As such, America could no longer look to Koizumi to move Japan in a direction that America wanted.

So when the Asahi Shimbun implied that Koizumi should boycott the stimulus vote to prove that he was not resurrecting Koizumi political theater, what the Asahi Shimbun really meant was that Koizumi should boycott the stimulus vote to revive Koizumi political theater.

Ooh those sneaky, treacherous guys. They really take the cake.

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