Thursday, February 12, 2009

Koizumi criticizes Aso over remarks on postal privatization

Apparently, Taro Aso’s recent remarks about how he opposed postal privatization before he supported it did not go down well with Junichiro Koizumi. In a press conference held on February 12, Koizumi lashed out at Aso for his careless remarks.

“I feel more like laughing than getting angry,” said Koizumi. “I am just amazed (at Aso’s remarks).”

Apparently, Aso’s remarks made Koizumi so upset that, in his press conference, Koizumi confessed that he might not vote for Aso’s stimulus package.

Koizumi hinted that there was some sort of conspiracy behind the actions of Aso.

“When junior members express critical views of the prime minister’s policies, party executives suppress them, saying, ‘Don’t shoot him in the back,’” said Koizumi. “But the current situation is that the prime minister is shooting people who are trying to fight (in the upcoming lower house election) from the front.”

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