Friday, July 18, 2008

Conspiracy Coverage

For reasons that only my government understands, on June 25, I created a website called and on July 18, I published the one and only article that would go on that website.

That article was about the surge in Iraq. I argued that the violence in Iraq did not decrease because of the surge in the number of U.S. troops. Instead, I argued the reduction in violence occurred for three reasons – our efforts to negotiate with Iran, our efforts to negotiate with Syria, and our efforts to bring the Sunnis back into the political process.

I still don’t know why my government had me write this article. It’s probably not a coincidence that President Obama began his administration trying to engage countries like North Korea and Iran in negotiation. Presumably, my government had me write the article in an effort to support that policy of “engagement.”

In retrospect, I would have written a different article had I known then what I know now. What was missing in that article was the support for the insurgency from outside the Middle East, in particular, from Europe. While adding an insignificant number of troops should not have lowered the violence in Iraq, in reality, adding those troops was important because Europe wanted us to do that. They would not have cooperated with us otherwise. Europe wants to maintain the myth that our military strength is effective.

And the reason why Europe started cooperating with America during the surge is because America started to put some distance between itself and Japan. There is nothing that Europe fears more than an alliance between America and East Asia, as that alliance would exclude them. While the Koizumi administration and the Bush administration seemed to get along, once the Abe administration took over, the relationship between America and Japan seemed to go down the toilet, much to the delight of Europe, I’m sure. That is probably the main reason why the situation in Iraq improved.

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