Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Move into an apartment

While staying at the Budget Suites, the roof of my building caught on fire (it was a small fire that was easily extinguished). I often had trouble with my Internet connection. Crime seemed to be a problem. I once saw a guy getting hand cuffed by the police (I don’ know why).

Usually, people only stay at the Budget Suites for a short time, as it is cheaper to rent an apartment. I stayed there for about a year. And for much of that time, I had the same neighbors, which I thought was odd. I continued to believe that I was being followed and observed, probably by my neighbors.

I never saw the neighbors on my right. But if I remember correctly, while they always had their blinds shut, they had placed something next to their blinds to further block the sun, as the blinds did not block the sun completely (this is why I believe I had the same neighbors on my right for much of my stay at the Budget Suites – because the item they placed in their window stayed there for a long time). I do remember that at one point, one of the staff at the Budget Suites told me that they were having problems with the guy who lived there. I didn’t bother to ask what those problems were.

I did see the neighbors on my left on a couple of occasions. There were three of them, a husband, a wife, and a baby. After they moved in, the wife knocked on my door to ask me if I had something or other that I could give her. I didn’t have it. One night, she got extremely upset and yelled, “I’m going to call the cops!” And then someone banged on my door. I assume it was her. I did not go to my door to check. Nothing happened, as far as I could tell. The next day, my neighbors were still there.

In the middle of the summer, they often had their windows open. One of those windows was located right above the air conditioner. You would think the hot air that was leaving the air conditioner would just move through the window and re-enter the apartment. Presumably, they had the window open in order to vent their apartment. In retrospect, I believe that whatever airborne substance that was affecting me was also affecting them.

After realizing that I was spending more at the Budget Suites than I would at the nicest apartment complex in Las Vegas, I made the decision to leave the Budget Suites and move into the nicest apartment complex in Las Vegas.

Right after I moved into Wellington Meadows, I went back to the Budget Suites to see if my neighbors were still there. My neighbors on both sides were gone. They must have moved out right after I moved out. This convinced me that someone had in fact hired them to watch me.

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