Saturday, January 13, 2007

PapaKarl on bin Laden's escape

In the comments section of “Keep your friends close,” a person whose username is PapaKarl wrote the following.
Excellent top-class reporting, the kind that we almost never get at CIF or anywhere else for that matter.


I always thought that the US didn't commit any forces to the Tora Bora siege to let Osama bribe his way out. But now we know the CIA made sure that Osama didn't stumble upon some implacable enemy who would never forgo the pleasure of slowly torturing him to death for any amount of money. Like General Dostum, the turncoat former Soviet ally, for instance. Instead, they entrusted Hekmetyar, the CIA's favorite woman-disfigurer with the job (always with a jar of sulphuric acid hands to throw in the face of burqa-less gals).


You wonder why this sort of reporting never gets on the front page. Why did the widely-known get-well visit by the CIA station chief in Dubai, Larry Mitchell, to Osama at the American Hospital almost exactly two months before 9-11 never reach the Anglo-American media? Mitchell bragged about it later and the Saudi prince who arranged the visit provided ample details to journalists. On top if at all, French intelligence was monitoring the whole thing and duly leaked it to its favorite paper the Figaro.

JULY 2001: ATTA GOES TO SPAIN TO MEET MI5 AGENT AL QAEDA CHIEF Why does no one connect the dots between Abu Qatada, Al Qaeda's top kingpin in Europe, who was given bed & board in an MI5 safehouse a few dozen yards from Scotland Yard when Britain was forced to issue an arrest warrant for him, and Mohammed Atta? Mohammed Atta inexplicably left the US for Spain just after the CIA's get-well visit to Osama. Why? To meet Abu Qatada, the MI5 agent, many of whose sermons he had on tape in his Hamburg apartment. MI5 agent Qatada, connected with no shred of a plausible doubt to dozens of terrorist attacks and receiving regular monies from the Spanish cell that pulled off the Madrid train bombings, is neither being tortured at Gitmo nor hanging from a noose like Saddam. Britain has found NOTHING to charge him with and he is whiling away the time in a comfortable prison cell while the Home Office talks vaguely of deporting him to Jordan. Soon we'll forget all about him and he will be sent away to a pleasant retirement, like Omar Bakri was to Lebanon.

THE AL QAEDA TERRORIST WHO BOMBED THE US EMBASSIES IN AFRICA PAID 100,000 BY MI6 Today US forces are massacring Somali civilians with the pretext of "hunting down the AL Qaeda bombers who blew up the US embassies in Africa." The man wanted by the FBI for those bombings is Anas al-Liby. Anas al-Liby is the head of the Al Qaeda cell in Libya to which MI6 paid 100,000 dollars to assassinate Gaddafi. Libya issued an interpol arrest warrant for them when they killed two West German intelligence agents. That's West German as in NATO ally, no East German as in commie bad guy. Guess what the US and UK did? They leaned on Interpol to suppress the red bulletin. It was not distributed. 5 months later, Anas al-Liby blew up the embassies. Then French intelligence discovered him hiding out in Manchester with British refugee status. As soon as France told the UK authorities, the jihadi terrorist "somehow" sensed he was going to be nabbed - as did all other jihadis that France found in Britain and fingered to the Brits - and hightailed it.

You Brits think they call your country Londonistan because it's being "Islamified." Far from it. Your Muslim community is minute compared to France or Germany. Your country is called Londonistan simply because you aid, abet, and harbor a huge number of jihadi terrorists.

I haven't even gotten around to talking about Abu Hamza, the Sandhurst-trained bomb expert who brainwashed Siddique Khan the 7/7 bomber, or Haroon Aswat, the MI6 agent who called the 7/7 tube bombers repeatedly just before he hopped on a plane at Heathrow as the bombs went off.

Why, then, do we never see this stuff on the front page? Do editors get calls from MI5 or the CIA? Occasionally, no doubt. There have been open admission from both governments that the media sat on several stories when requested to do so for "national security reasons."

But there's an equally if not more important reason: Joe Blow doesn't want to know about it. Your regular punter wants to hear that Muslims are evil. He doesn't want to hear that his government is evil. He won't buy a paper or watch a TV show that tells him his government is evil. He'll switch to a paper or show that tells him Muslims are evil. So the boobs are told what they want to hear. That simple.

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