Sunday, January 14, 2007

Highbury wants even more

In response to the latest comment made by PapaKarl, Highbury wrote the following.
Papakarl, I think I can take it! and thanks for the links to some of the other stories. But this still leaves a couple of assertions uncovered.


“Mohammed Atta inexplicably left the US for Spain just after the CIA's get-well visit to Osama. Why? To meet Abu Qatada, the MI5 agent”

“Abu Hamza, the Sandhurst-trained bomb expert”

Thanks to jona322 for supplying the link for “JULY 2001: CIA PAYS GET-WELL VISIT TO OSAMA”,1361,584444,00.html

I don’t trust the spooks one inch and really wonder if they are under any sort of control at all. As marketsaremonsters says “What the fuck would they have left to scare us with if they killed bin Laden?” I think this is very much the point. It scares us into accepting the curtailment of our civil liberties, funding the military industrial complex and embarking on a fresh wave of colonialism to control diminishing oil stocks.

“Winning the War on Communism” was a plus because it gave us new markets but left us without a great big boogie-man to be afraid of.

I wonder how much of the present clusterfuck in Iraq is accidental. I understand that State Department and Pentagon plans for a post war Iraq were thrown out by Rumsfeld. What happens when you disband both the army and the police? Given the obvious sectarian divides and a foreign occupation, did they really think that post-war Iraq was going to be as peaceful as the Garden of Eden? Why does Iraq merit the building of the largest US embassy in the world and the establishment of some 13 permanent military bases? How much reconstruction money's gone missing?

We're the good guys, right?

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