Saturday, January 13, 2007

Evidence please

In the comments section for the article “Keep your friends close,” a person whose username is Highbury wrote the following.
Papakarl makes some pretty contentious assertions.

I've often suspected that the full picture is a lot murkier than we are given to believe. Whether it's conspiracy theory or cock-up, there's something very curious going on. We were told, and have evry reason to believe, Osama Bin Laden was behind the Twin Towers and other terrorist outrages.

I've always wondered why 'we' stopped looking for him and invaded Iraq instead. It's as if the whole Iraq war was a massive a distraction. I suppose any suggestion that the War on Terror was a complete sham designed to give 'us' an excuse to control the middle east's oil supplies would be cynical in the extreme.

I wonder if Papakarl can give us any sources to corroborate his assertions.

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