Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Move to Las Vegas

I would not live in Marina Del Rey for long. My allergies did not improve while living there. After my six month apartment lease expired, I moved to Las Vegas.

I remember feeling really strange while living in Marina Del Rey. I remember not seeing my brother for the first few weeks after moving there. I remember one of his friends telling me that my brother said he thought I hated him because I didn’t agree to go out with him and his friends when they went bar hopping. I can’t remember why I didn’t want to see him, perhaps I was too tired. I remember feeling tired and depressed. I now believe that my government made me feel that way by drugging me.

A strange thing happened while I was living in Marina Del Rey. I will not divulge what happened because it involved other people and I haven’t gained their consent to tell the story. But I now believe that my government may have had a hand in what happened. The CIA often likes to call what it does “God’s work.” Personally, I think they should call it the devil’s work.

I think my government may have orchestrated this incident as a pretext for my move to Las Vegas. Because of this incident, I would be “fed up” with how my life was going in Marina Del Rey. I would “need” to move somewhere else. That somewhere else would be Las Vegas.

Presumably, the government “made” me move to Las Vegas in order to isolate me. My government did not want me to divulge the secrets I was learning to anyone I knew. They only wanted me to publish these secrets on the Internet where people I did not know, in particular foreigners, would read them.

On November 8, I drove to Las Vegas. The next day, I found an apartment, the cheapest one in Las Vegas. I only used that apartment for my mailing address. For the first four months of my stay in Vegas, I would live in hotels, staying at a different hotel each week. I thought this would be fun.

After finding my “mailing address,” I drove back to Marina Del Rey, packed up my belongings, and left there for the last time on November 15. I did not tell my family that I was moving.

Sunday, June 5, 2005

Off to Marina Del Rey

I was born with an overactive immune system. I had asthma when I was young. My nose would run and my skin would break out in rashes when I inhaled pollen or when I ate certain foods such as shellfish.

Ironically, when I was young, my asthma was particularly bad when I visited Colorado. On more than one occasion, my family drove to Colorado for our family reunions. And from what I remember, every time I visited that state, I had an asthma attack and I ended up in the hospital. To this day, I am not sure why I had so many asthma attacks while visiting Colorado. As I grew older, my asthma got better. Still, in retrospect, it was a little bit bizarre that I would decide to accept a job in Colorado after having so many health issues while visiting that state.

While working in Colorado, my allergies did bother me. However, for the most part, they were manageable. But by 2005, I had gotten tired of trying to manage my allergies and I convinced myself that my allergies would be less serious if I moved to another state. I convinced my boss to allow me to move to California and telecommute for work. After all, as a computer programmer, all I did everyday was sit in my office and hack away at the keyboard, what difference did it make where I lived or where I worked?

I decided to move to Marina Del Rey and I decided to work out of my apartment. I figured Marina Del Rey would be a good place to live because my brother lives not too far from there. On June 5, I signed a six month lease for an apartment located right next to the ocean.