Monday, July 8, 2002

Britain 'sheltering al-Qaeda leader'

The BBC reported that the British government had Abu Qatada living in a safe house in northern England. Abu Qatada is a Palestinian who was born in Jordan. Britain granted him asylum in 1994. Of course, the fact that Britain granted him asylum in 1994 implies that Abu Qatada had been working for the British government since that time. Actually, his involvement with the British government probably went back even further than that.

At least four governments accuse him of participating in the 9/11 attacks. Authorities believe that Abu Qatada knew both Osama bin Laden and Abu Dahdah. In addition, Abu Qatada knew terrorists in Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Britain, and Spain.

Jordan sentenced him to death for funding a bombing campaign. Given that Abu Qatada seems to have been an asset of the British government, perhaps Britain was responsible for that bombing campaign.

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