Friday, August 25, 2000

Goodbye Lockheed Martin, Hello Lode Data

In the summer of 2000, I decided to look for a new job. For reasons that I can’t even remember now, I got really angry and decided that I would be better off working somewhere else. I remember being surprised at how angry I was. In retrospect, I have a feeling that my government “made” me angry in order to make me leave Lockheed Martin. At the time I left, I hadn’t even worked at the company long enough to get my security clearance (though I did receive a temporary security clearance which allowed me access to information classified as “Secret”).

As to why my government decided they didn’t want me to work for Lockheed, I can only speculate. I have never gotten into trouble with the law so that should not have been an issue. On the other hand, because I was a loner in college, there weren’t many people who could explain to the government what I was doing at that time (in order to obtain a security clearance, the government investigates your personal history. To facilitate this process, you need to provide the government with the names of people who can vouch for what you were doing during the past several years of your life). Perhaps that was an issue. Or perhaps, after investigating my family history, the government decided it could use me for other purposes and they preferred that I work at a “normal” company without access to classified information.

On August 25, Lode Data, a company that develops software for the Cable TV industry, offered me a job and I accepted.

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